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The joys of home

I think that I’ve taken my parents’ house and all of its space for granted in the past few years. I’ve been running around pretty consistently, so I really have missed out on just being at home and really just “being”.

Fighting anxiety makes it hard to sit still and in quiet some days, so many days I would pack up my schedule after work in order to distract myself from my own mind. As I’ve gotten better (I still have mild anxiety), it’s been easier for me to stay home and chill. I forgot how nice it is to just hangout in my pjs (or Jammies as my grandma said back in the day) or workout clothing and just lay around.

I’m doing it right now; just laying around my silent bedroom. It’s quite relaxing. I think that I should do this more often.


Posted by on May 2, 2012 in Changing My Situation


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