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An update

I’ve been MIA with this blog and 6 in Six as of late. It’s really not that I haven’t had the time. The problem was that during my free time I was so exhausted that I became utterly lazy and didn’t have the energy to do something productive… a la blog.

I’m hoping to write an entry regarding the importance of rest in my life and I’d assume everyones lives very soon.

I have a lot to catch up on. Lots of thoughts to remember and jot down.

One such thought hit me today. That is speaking up for yourself and I mean really doing it. Today at work several superiors needed a task done and kept assuming that everyone else besides me knew how to perform it. They asked around and the people whom they thought (the people who make six figures by the way) knew what to do didn’t and I just laughed quietly to myself, knowing the procedure. Finally, the work trickled down to me and I belted out with a laugh, “it took you guys 5 people to finally reach me?” My boss laughed and shook her head, knowing that I was right. I felt really good making my comment because it wasn’t out of line, it was the truth. I can’t be afraid to stand up for myself if I have the facts to back it up.

Even tonight at volleyball, one of my teammates tends to bully me and now our new female player into the background of plays, etc. Well tonight after weeks of dealing with his crap I had enough and stuck up for not only myself, but my new teammate. It felt liberating; I didn’t drive home wondering what I did wrong or mad at myself because I knew I was right. I finally took action and did what I needed to do. It felt awesome.

So that’s what I’m going to strive for going forward; being honest and frank about my feelings.

I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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